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Benefits of Germless® 4-in-1 Hand Sanitizer

We are proud to present Germless® 4-in-1 Hand Sanitizer, versatile enough to keep your family, home and personal space germ free. Made in the USA with 70% Alcohol, Germless® kills 99.99% of unsafe germs while carrying 4x's the cleaning functionality of a regular hand sanitizer. Germless®  4-in-1 Hand Sanitizer also can be utilized as a Spray Disinfectant, Glass Cleaner, and Multi-Surface Cleaner. So, let’s discuss these in detail!   1: Hand Sanitizer Sanitizers containing alcohol are the best sanitizers to eliminate germs and can be more compelling than using cleanser rather than relying on the alcohol substance of the item. The alcohol content must be above 60%in order to successfully kill common germs.  Studies have demonstrated that hand sanitizer is one hundred times more...

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